Art & Clay Camp

[slideshow] Art & Clay Camp happened last week and the kids had so much fun! It was 5 days of just art and clay. All the adults that came by the room wanted to join in.

I helped the kids create the 2-d projects, including a montage of 4 Zetangles, a oil pastel/watercolor resist of Owen the Hippo and Mzee the Tortoise, A mixed media heart painting, and a crayon compostion of crayon rain that melted in the sun. I assisted Katherine Mathisen in her portion of the clay camp. She expertly showed the children how to make a bowl, cup or goblet, + several sculptures of animals. Katherine and I usually teach this camp just once during the summer and this is our 5th year of working together! It's both fun and exhausting. :)

This video explains Owen and Mzee's relationship. So sweet.

Katherine’s awesome website: