Instagram - Instant, Connecting, Creative & Invasive

december-photo-a-day-challenge-copy_thumb6 I've recently discovered Instagram and was inspired to do the photo-a-day challenge thanks to one of my dance mom friends. It's really quite easy and I'm quite happy at how artsy my images are turning out. I guess I will try to upload them continually to this post throughout the month. Here's what I've done so far.

DAY 1 - My view today. Painting with little dancers. :)

DAY 2 - My favorite holiday movie

DAY 3 - Red. At South of the Border

DAY 4 - Joyous. The 10 of cups embodies that word.

DAY 5 - Today's Temperature. From my car's dashboard in sunny Florida.

DAY 6 - Shopping. Anthropolgie. One of my favorite stores.

DAY 7 - Bright. My neighbor's palm tree. It gets decorated every year and just gets brighter and brighter!

DAY 8 - Ornaments. Although we haven't gotten the tree up yet, the ornaments are down from the attic. So I just snapped one of the prettier ones.

DAY 9 - What I'm reading. Cloud Atlas.

DAY 10 - Wrapping paper. Busy day. Uninspired....

DAY 11 - Green. My beautiful butterfly plants after an overnight rain.

DAY 12 - A Beautiful sight. My daughter dancing.

DAY 13 - Family.

DAY 14 - Christmas Tree. No Christmas tree at our house yet, it's the one from the sushi resturant.

DAY 15 - Favorite Christmas Song.

DAY 16 - Outside Christmas lights.

DAY 17 - Presents. My grey cat Sivee is the best present!

DAY 18 - Stockings

DAY 19 - Candy Cane.

DAY 20 - Tree Topper.

DAY 21 - Peace

DAY 22 - Tradition. Christmas Cookies, A Herbert tradition.

DAY 23 - Scarf. It doesn't get very cold in Florida. This was kind of tough.

DAY 24 - Favorite Part of Christmas Eve. Midnight Mass.

DAY 25 - Morning. My grey cat Sivee is the best present!

DAY 26 - Grateful. Want to be more so in 2013.

DAY 27 - Night Time

DAY 28 - Words. From a book of Russian legends.

DAY 29 - Sky View. Shot at the entrance to our neighborhood.

DAY 30 - Your Winter Wonderland. My childhood winter wonderland, circa 1971. Yikes! So long a go now!

DAY 31 - Fun! Christmas Eve with my designer friend/client KC Malhan. Check out their website!

The other really cool thing I love about Instragram is being able to see celebrities view of the world through their Instagram posts. My current favorite is @bigbaldhead or Norman Reedus or Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Here are some of his latest posts.