Flying Squirrels & Letting Go

Arizona2e Ted Andrews who wrote "Animal Speak" and many other great reads is one of my heroes. I learned so much from that book and a few others he wrote that I automatically pay attention to the animals that I encounter in my daily life as a sign from spirit.

Last night we had an unexpected visitor that our cat "Sivee" (meaning grey in Ukrainian) brought to us just as we sat down to dinner. We had the back door open because the temperature has finally dropped in Florida. It was an injured flying squirrel. Seeing no visible injuries or blood on it, my husband took it outside, hoping that it would regain some strength and return to the trees. Later my daughter Maya and I checked on it only to find that it had died. So innocent and humble it was. Immediately, we were angry at our cat. Calling him out on it, he only stared back at us and disappeared for the rest of the night. I'm hoping that Sivee found it injured instead of making the kill himself. I guess I'll give him the benefit of doubt this time, since it's the first creature he has brought home to us.

So what does this mean? Here are some squirrel attributes.

Squirrels are often observed scrounging about for food and digging holes in the earth and storing nuts and other food sources for later times. Their keen sense of smell will enable them to find their stored caches even if they do forget where they buried their nuts.  Flying squirrels, do not really fly. Their skin stretches and enables it to glide from tree to ground or tree to tree. It is nocturnal. It strongly dislikes being disturbed during the day. Owls are usually the flying squirrel's chief predators.

I ask myself; 1. Are you too active? 2. Not active enough? 3. Are you not planning at all for the future, distant or near? 4. Are you becoming too erratic--running to and fro and not accomplishing anything? 5. Do you need to learn how to save and ration on any level--including time, money, energy, etc.? 6. Are you afraid you will never have enough? 7. Are you getting too hung up on collecting and accumulating? 8. Are you gathering and not giving?

I qualify for "yes" to over half of these questions. Squirrels can teach us balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. If we are doing too much of one or the other, squirrel may appear to help us. Squirrels are the masters at preparing but they also are reminders that in our quest for our goals, we should always make time to socialize and play. Work and play go hand-in-hand, or the work will create problems and become more difficult and less fruitful.

So like a squirrel, for the last few months I have been dividing my time and energy on several different projects or jobs, hoping that one or two of them would bring more abundance into our lives. While all have brought money, my time, energy and temper are stretched thin. So the message is clear to focus on the areas where the nuts are bigger or more plentiful. In a nut shell it's time to pare down those projects that attack my time and energy and yield little reward.

Flying Squirrel 1

Things to consider when working with the squirrel totem:

You are preparing for the future by storing up time, resources, and energy; resting during unproductive times. You are moving to a higher level of consciousness to avoid harassment. Sometimes its appearance means changes or the approach of adversaries. Warning, wisdom, change, trust, discovery, truth, balance, harmony. Use as a spiritual watch-dog to warn you of danger on any level.

What animals have you encountered lately?

Sivee my Grey Cat

Instagram - Instant, Connecting, Creative & Invasive

december-photo-a-day-challenge-copy_thumb6 I've recently discovered Instagram and was inspired to do the photo-a-day challenge thanks to one of my dance mom friends. It's really quite easy and I'm quite happy at how artsy my images are turning out. I guess I will try to upload them continually to this post throughout the month. Here's what I've done so far.


DAY 1 - My view today. Painting with little dancers. :)


DAY 2 - My favorite holiday movie


DAY 3 - Red. At South of the Border


DAY 4 - Joyous. The 10 of cups embodies that word.


DAY 5 - Today's Temperature. From my car's dashboard in sunny Florida.


DAY 6 - Shopping. Anthropolgie. One of my favorite stores.


DAY 7 - Bright. My neighbor's palm tree. It gets decorated every year and just gets brighter and brighter!


DAY 8 - Ornaments. Although we haven't gotten the tree up yet, the ornaments are down from the attic. So I just snapped one of the prettier ones.


DAY 9 - What I'm reading. Cloud Atlas.


DAY 10 - Wrapping paper. Busy day. Uninspired....


DAY 11 - Green. My beautiful butterfly plants after an overnight rain.


DAY 12 - A Beautiful sight. My daughter dancing.


DAY 13 - Family.


DAY 14 - Christmas Tree. No Christmas tree at our house yet, it's the one from the sushi resturant.


DAY 15 - Favorite Christmas Song.


DAY 16 - Outside Christmas lights.


DAY 17 - Presents. My grey cat Sivee is the best present!


DAY 18 - Stockings


DAY 19 - Candy Cane.


DAY 20 - Tree Topper.


DAY 21 - Peace


DAY 22 - Tradition. Christmas Cookies, A Herbert tradition.


DAY 23 - Scarf. It doesn't get very cold in Florida. This was kind of tough.


DAY 24 - Favorite Part of Christmas Eve. Midnight Mass.


DAY 25 - Morning. My grey cat Sivee is the best present!


DAY 26 - Grateful. Want to be more so in 2013.


DAY 27 - Night Time


DAY 28 - Words. From a book of Russian legends.


DAY 29 - Sky View. Shot at the entrance to our neighborhood.


DAY 30 - Your Winter Wonderland. My childhood winter wonderland, circa 1971. Yikes! So long a go now!


DAY 31 - Fun! Christmas Eve with my designer friend/client KC Malhan. Check out their website! www.kcmalhan.com

The other really cool thing I love about Instragram is being able to see celebrities view of the world through their Instagram posts. My current favorite is @bigbaldhead or Norman Reedus or Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Here are some of his latest posts.